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Sonoma County + Northern California Wedding, Elopement + Lifestyle Photographer

HEY I’m Melissa!

Photo by Jana Contreras Photography

Photo by Jana Contreras Photography

I’ll get straight to the point because I know you don’t have all day to read about me. I love photographing weddings and couples. That’s most likely the reason you’re here and I’m so excited you made it!

Your day deserves to be documented exactly as it happened; all the good stuff, all the emotional stuff, all the little stuff and big stuff because it all matters. You guys matter. Your day matters.

Weddings are full of emotions as well as moments both big and small. My favorite thing about working with my clients is being able to capture all of that through my eyes. I’m a fly on the wall kind of photographer until I need to be the director. I’m nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. I’m also not afraid to dance my butt off on the dance floor alone and eat dessert and be your silent cheerleader whenever you need it…just sayin’.

If you're wondering who the heck I am, here's a little about me: I eat a veggie burrito at least once a week (#noshame) and I LOVE Madewell. Seriously, Madewell can have all my money. I’m also obsessed with Harry Potter and love all things space because #sciencerules and I’m a little nerdy.

Over there is my little fam-bam. That’s my Oliver (the red head) and he's pretty freakin' magical. He's strong-willed (like his mama) and fiery. He's also the sweetest soul I've ever known. And that other guy is my awesome husband, Christopher. People get really confused by genetics and how we managed to make a kid that looks like Oliver. Yes, we both have red hair in our families and yes, people ask us that all the time. He's my cheerleader and #1 fan and I'd never be where I am without him.



Dying to know a little more about me? I know you are.



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