Adventures on Applehill

A few weekends ago, C and I hopped in the car to visit our good friends, the Gallagher's (who came to visit us in September), for a night. They live in Sacramento and had been telling us for months how amazing Applehill is in the fall. We figured we'd better check it out while we were visiting since we knew we wouldn't get another chance to do so this year. Sadly, I have a severe allergy to apples, so the only tasty treat I was able to enjoy was the world's most delicious apple cider doughnut (not that I'm complaining). But let me tell you...that thing was incredible. I don't think I've ever tasted anything so delectable in my life.

But I digress.

The Gallagher's drove us up to Applehill for an afternoon of adventures and exploring. We visited an apple farm (2 to be exact), a christmas tree farm, and a winery! The sunset was absolutely breathtaking, so naturally, we had to stop for a photo op. I know...typical tourists (I'll be sharing some photos from their mini-session later this week). It was a lovely trip and we can't wait to visit Applehill again next year! Except this time, we'll be getting a dozen apple cider doughnuts, one was simply not enough.