An Ode to my Childhood Home


This house wasn't my first home, but it was the house that made us a home. We laughed here, we cried here, we celebrated and grew here. This house was everything we wanted and didn't know we needed.

This house taught us to be a family. It brought us in, held us tight, and released us to the world when we were ready to fly free. This house was where we grew up.

This house was a dream come true. This house taught us what really owning a home was all about. It showed us that hard work really does pay off. That sweat, blood, and tears can turn the ugliest of landscapes into a backyard that would become a hub for all. This house taught us that doing things together was so much more rewarding than doing them alone.

This house was the first place I learned about death. It was also the first place I learned about life. This house showed me how to live.

This house was where I learned to drive and where I learned to thrive. It's where I brought my first boyfriend home and where my father scared him off. This house was where I screamed and fought and cried my heart out. This house was my safe zone. My own secret sanctuary. 

This house is full of so many memories. Joyous life and gut-wrenching heartache. This house is where my family fell apart. Where we broke and where we were mended. This house taught us that nothing is forever. And that even when we think we can't take anymore, the world offers a little bit of solitude and time to heal. This house gave us life, over and over again. 

This house taught us to say goodbye. It showed us that saying goodbye is not always the end, but often the beginning. This house was good to us, and for that, we owe it everything.

Passado Court, you will always have my heart.