Our Love Story

It all began with a glance. A shared smile. A common interest.

I was freshly 21 and in a completely new environment. A new job, new friends, new coworkers, new everything. I never even saw him coming.

He blind-sided me with his maturity (something I'd never really seen in a guy before). His charm. His incredibly handsome smile. He was something of a dream. 26 going on 30. I couldn't help but fall into friendship with him. It all happened so fast.

I was spinning out of love with my boyfriend at the time. We had ran our course more times than I'd like to admit. It was over and I needed to confront that reality. 

C and I spent our first night together as friends the night of the (original) iPhone launch. We had both worked a 14 hour day at Apple and a group of our coworkers were ready to detox at a local lounge. Drinks were a must after the day we'd all had. After that night, I knew I was in trouble. 2 drinks in and I was absolutely hooked. I remember staring at my reflection in the girl's bathroom mirror telling myself that I didn't like him. I couldn't. He was 4.5 years older than me! There was no way he could like me back. We'd have to remain friends. I couldn't let it go any further.

I was surely in for the ride of my life and I didn't even know it.

Here we are, (almost) 6 years later, and deeper in love than I could have ever imagined being with anyone. The type of love where you can't go more than a couple hours without talking to each other. The kind that makes you weak in the knees and simultaneously stronger than you've ever felt in your life. The type of love that makes you smile every time you think of that person. Your other half. The love you dream of your future children experiencing with their person. A love so grand, there couldn't possibly be any greater love in the world.