A Letter to My Brother, My Best Friend.

Today's Blogtember Prompt: Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic.) 

Dear Donnie,
You are such an incredible human being. Sometimes I can't believe I get to call you my baby brother.


When I was 4 1/2 years old, you came bursting into my world. I couldn't wait for you to arrive, yet, once you did, I wasn't all that happy about it. I loved you, but I didn't really want to share mom and dad with you. Today, I can't imagine what my life would have looked like had you never come into it.


Ever since then you have had this innate ability to change my entire outlook on anything.  Whether I'm happy, or sad, or mad, or just quiet, you somehow manage to get in there, inside my head. I have always been grateful for this.  You have been a constant in my life since day 1. Through the bickering, the nagging, the teasing, the wresting, the laughing, the jokes, the pranks, the late-night taco bell runs, the 2 am chats, the crying, the sobbing, the life-altering changes. You have always been there. 

When I was a teenager, you loved me so much it annoyed me. You'd hug me, and smile, and hug me some more and for some reason I hated that you were so loving. I was jealous of you. Jealous of your ability to be so caring. No matter how mean I was to you, you still loved me. You have always loved me. 

You have helped me be a better person, just by being you. You radiate love all the time. You have this magnetic personality and the ability to think so grandly, that I sometimes wonder how we can be related. Then I remember how much we balance each other in this respect and I know that you are my other half. Sometimes it feels like we should have been twins. We share a connection and bond so strong, that I believe sometimes people are taken back by how close we are. Even with 4 1/2 years between us, we are still the best of friends.


When our father left our mother and then us, you were the only person who understood everything I was going through, because you were going through it too. When he lied, cheated, stole, and broke our hearts time after time again, you were always there. We cried, and laughed, and cried, and ran, and screamed, and sank so far into the darkness, I wasn't sure we'd ever resurface. Together, we held on to each other for dear life and through it, we became even closer. I remember the early days when the divorce was so raw we could barely see straight. I remember crying with you for hours. Wishing, hoping, dreaming that things could change. Willing them to change. Wanting the pain to disappear so we could once again feel normal.  There were so many dark days. More dark days than bright days, but as time has passed, we have exiled the dark days from our minds and have chosen to only live in the light. 

Our lives will always be intertwined. Weaving a story together like wool through a spindle. Spinning, spinning, weaving, building. Always creating new life, new stories, new memories to hold us together for the future to come.

You're it baby brother and there's no one else in this world I'd rather do it with than you.