Three Months Off

Today's prompt: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? 

Three months off. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? When I first read today's prompt, I have to admit, it kind of made me depressed. What I wouldn't give to take three amazing months off from my current life to do anything in the world.

Obviously for me, this answer was simple. Travel. 

Then came the hard part...where to? If I could travel to anywhere in the world and do whatever I wanted for three months (and obviously had at least $20,000 to spare), where would I go? 

Week 1: Iceland

This would be my first stop. I'd start in Reykjavík and spend my first days window shopping, eating delicious baked goods, and hanging out in the local's favorite spots. Then, I'd rent a car and drive all over the island. I'd camp out in a van and explore as much as I could by foot. I'd visit all the little towns along my road trip and hike through the glaciers. I'd see waterfalls and Icelandic ponies. Lastly, I'd visit the Blue Lagoon and it would be magical.

Week 2: United Kingdom

I'd galavant all over London and the United Kingdom. I'd ride double-decker buses and eat a ton of delicious food. I'd visit all of the amazing landmarks and museums I could possibly get to. I'd rent a car, drive out to the country, and just be. I'd photograph everything. I'd drink lots of beer and meet new friends and shop. I'd probably practice my British accent and visit all of the Harry Potter tourist traps. It would be lovely. 

Week 3: Amsterdam 

I'd wander through the streets and most likely get lost. I'd peek into the red light district and ride a bike around the city. I'd wander through the canals and window shop my heart out. I'd visit the Amsterdam and the Stedelijk museums. I'd eat, and eat, and eat some more. Then I'd visit the home of Anne Frank and pay my respects to all those who lost their lives in WWII.

Week 4: Germany

I'd drive to Hamburg to Berlin to Nuremberg. I'd eat and drink and meet new people. I'd go to Frankfurt, Cologne and lastly, Zurich. I'd museum hop, drink beer, and eat amazing German food.

Week 5 & 6: France

I'd spend an entire week in the city of love. I'd marvel at the Eiffel Tower, visit Versailles, and eat baguettes. I'd get lost wandering the streets and find a cafe to sit at and people watch. I'd picnic, I'd drink wine, and I'd eat more baguettes and cheese. I'd visit the Louvre and rent a bicycle to ride around the city. Then I'd travel down to the south of France and stay a week on the coast. I'd visit Avignon, Cannes, and Monaco. I'd lay on the beach, drink more wine, and get an amazing tan.

Week 7 & 8: Italy

I'd start in Milan with an epic shopping adventure. I'd travel down to Verona, Venice, Bologna, and Florence. I'd eat so much pizza, pasta, and gelato. A lot of gelato. I'd grab a train to Rome and spend at least 3 days wandering the streets of the city. I'd eat, drink, and siesta. I'd go to Naples and eat the best pizza of my life. Then I'd go to the Almafi coast and swim in the perfect water.

Week 9: Greece  

I'd spend a week in Greece, but it wouldn't be enough and my trip would cut into my next week. I wouldn't care. I'd visit Athens, Milos, Mikonos, and Santorini. I'd swim in the ocean, eat a ton of fish, and soak in the culture and history that resides in the islands.

Week 10: Morocco

I'd stop in Morocco for a handful of days. I'd dance, eat Moroccan food, and buy incredible textiles and spices. I'd smoke hookah and watch the sunset. I'd photograph the locals and hopefully make new friends.

Week 11 & 12: Spain & Portugal

I'd finish my trip off in Spain and Portugal. I'd visit museums, marvel at the architecture, and lay on the beach. I'd visit Madrid, Lisbon, Malaga, and Gibraltar. I'd relearn a bit of Spanish and a little Portuguese. I'd finish my trip in Barcelona and dream about living there someday. I'd probably drown myself in wine before heading to the airport to fly back to my life. This trip would change me. This trip would complete me.

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