50 days & counting.

Some of you may be tired of hearing about it {I know I’m almost tired of saying it}, but the wedding is officially 50 days away! The excitement has been difficult to come by, given everything going on in life right now, but I’m slowly getting my energy back and am finally getting REALLY REALLY excited about mine and Christopher’s big day to come! There are, of course, quite a few things that are helping the giddiness grow…like these, for example:

These are just a few little pieces that will be helping to make the day that much more special. Of course, these are simply “things” and “things” are not what make your day special. It’s the love and joy you get to celebrate with your most special person in the whole world, while being surrounded by all of the people that love and support you both. I am so anxious for the big day to come because I know it will be a crazy whirl-wind. That’s what EVERYONE says. All we can do is try to soak as much of it in as possible and enjoy ourselves along the way.

I apologize if my time here on my lovely little blog is sporadic, my days will be {and have been} consumed with all things wedding, while still attempting to maintain a bit of sanity. I do have quite a bit of photos to post over the next week or so. I’ve been helping to 2nd shoot a few weddings and have also been to a few fabulous little parties that I’d love to share with you all {whoever you are ;) }. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really talking to anyone on here, or if I’m simply typing these words into a big black whole of internet-ness {yeah, I just made that up}. If you are there, never hesitate to just say hi :)