a 1st birthday

This last weekend flew by way too fast, but then again, every weekend seems to feel that way now-a-days. Saturday was spent driving ALL over Sonoma County visiting estate sales and looking at rentals for the wedding. Sunday, however, was spent having an absolute blast celebrating my cousin Travis’ 1st birthday as well as my mom’s birthday.

Travis’ party was full of the necessary kid supplies. Toys, food, Capri Sun, and blow-up water-slides. Yes, you heard me right. Kids these days don’t just get bounce houses…they get actual blow-up water-slides. This thing was AWESOME. I only wish I had brought my own bathing suit so I could have joined my little cousins in all the fun. Travis had a perfect party and it was such a joy to be able to spend this day with a lot of my wonderful family and friends. Happy birthday Travis and my beautiful mom, Rorie. You are both incredible blessings in my life.

baby Travie.

someone got a face full of water.

cousin Jessica with Travis.


cousin Vanessa couldn’t get enough of the water-slides!

Travis’ bigger sister, Laney. {this sweet little girl looks just like her mom, my mom & myself when we were her age…definitely related.}

Travis’ biggest sister, Aubrey, and Laney climbing up the stairs.

just hangin’ out.

cousin James.

cousin Ryan.

someone was ready for his cake!

my beautiful aunt Janet.

nom nom nom. i don’t think he liked it at all.

Happy Birthday Travie! We love you!

And mom…I don’t have a very recent picture of you, but I just want to say, Happy Birthday to you! You are the most incredible woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am proud to say I am your daughter. Thank you for teaching me how to be a strong and heart-felt person; you are a constant inspiration to follow your heart and to believe in yourself.