crossing #5 off of my "25" list {a spontaneous tattoo}

I recently posted my 25 While I’m 25 list when I turned 25 at the beginning of May. This is the story of how I spontaneously crossed #5 off of that list this last weekend. Thanks for reading :)

This last Saturday was amazing. I say this because…I did the most spontaneous thing I have ever done in my life and it felt fabulous! On Saturday, C and I drove down to San Rafael to meet up with my best friend, Chrissy, and her boyfriend, Nick. He was getting a tattoo done by Bryan at Spider Murphy’s Tattoo. Chrissy and I had been talking about getting a tattoo together for quite a long time. We’ve been best friends forever and she’s truly my sister soul mate. We just wanted to get a tattoo that meant something to us, as best friends and sisters. 

Sitting in the tattoo shop got my mind racing with ideas. Chrissy was hanging out with C and I while we waited for Nick to finish up; somehow E.E. Cummings came up in conversation and it reminded me of my most absolute favorite poem, I carry your heart with me. Before I could blink the words came out of my mouth, “we should get, ‘i carry your heart, i carry it in my heart’ the final line in E.E. Cummings’ poem!”.

Chrissy was in. It all happened so fast! The next thing I know we were talking with Bryan about fonts and where we would be putting our new tattoo. We had two hours to kill before we’d be going under the needle {okay, corny pun!}. How I lasted those 2+ hours and didn’t back out, is completely beyond me, but I am so glad that I didn’t. 

By 4:30 we were back in the tattoo shop waiting for Bryan to finish up with his previous client. Chrissy decided she wanted to go first, which definitely took the pressure off of me…until I was holding her hand watching her grimace here and there from the pain. Then I knew it was real. I kept strong because I knew at this point, there was NO backing out…I mean, I couldn’t just let Chrissy get our tattoo and then bail {or could I…?  ;) }

I was up next and I was totally amped. I realized while Chrissy was getting her tattoo, that I had gotten my last tattoo exactly 4 years prior. I was marking another huge chapter in my life. {between turning 25 and all of the other crazy stuff that has happened over this last year, I am moving into an amazing new phase of life…marriage to my best friend, Christopher!} 

When the needle first hit my skin, it sent me straight back to getting my first tattoo when I was 18. The walls of the tattoo parlor were covered in panties and bras from the ladies and a girl across the room was getting “Johnny” {her boyfriend at the time’s name} tattooed on her lower inner hip. It was quite picturesque - not! Spider Murphy’s was not that way. It was clean and sanitary and everyone was incredibly friendly…but I digress. The pain is something you can’t describe. It was tolerable when he first began, but as he moved closer up to my armpit, I realized just how tender your skin is up there. I kept it together and reminded myself that pain is only temporary. When he was finished with my arm 10 minutes later, I held it up in the mirror and smiled. He did a beautiful job. It is exactly what I wanted, but never what I expected to get. Random, spontaneous, and completely out of character for me. Needless to say, it was an unbelievable experience and one that I will always hold close to me {literally, hah!}. 

Here’s the final product!