family dinner: a weekly {usually} tradition

For a few weeks now, my husband and I have been getting together with my brother and his friends/roommates {our friends as well} and we collaborate to make a family dinner. It’s a really great way for us all to come together and talk about the week and everything that’s going on in life. I look forward to family dinner every week, and when it isn’t able to happen {because of work, school, everyday life, etc.} I definitely get a little sad. Last week we made the family dinner “heart attack” style. You heard me…”heart attack” style. We made baked, mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon on top, velveeta casserole with cheese and toasted cheeze-its, and chicken ceaser salad. For dessert, I brought my homemade chocolate and mint whoopie pies {inspired by the lovely Whoopie Pies book} and homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was heaven.