free at last, free at last!

It’s been a lengthy and artificial relationship, but I am happy to finally say that after 8 long, tumultuous years, Facebook and I have decided to call it quits!

I’m free! I have officially and happily dumped Facebook! I can’t tell you how often I have thought about doing this over the past 6 months or so. The only thing that’s been holding me back has been my uneasiness about losing touch with friends that live really far away, but I’ve since realized that this is not a viable reason to consistently allow my boredom to overtake my computer screen. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I would end up on Facebook and not even remember how I got there, or what my purpose was to even be on the internet…it was getting out of hand. Also, there’s something really liberating about not having my life plastered onto a page for my “friends” to see. If they want to “see” what’s going on in my life, they can come here…and look at pretty pictures.

My ultimate goal is to open up my own photography business, so I may eventually make it back to Facebook if not only to have a business page for “Melissa Lynn Photography” - but that’s definitely a future endeavor.

The past year and a half has been the most intense time of my life…and it’s only going to continue to be crazy if I allow it to be. I’ve decided to set myself some very small, measurable goals because it’s the only way I’m going even make a dent in my much larger goals. I’ve got to start small, and work my way up. I need to disconnect, recharge and reboot. It’s time to focus on Melissa. I deserve just as much if not more attention than I give to those around me. In order to be the best wife, the best friend, or the best daughter, I need to focus on being the BEST me I can be.

Feel like you need a recharge too? Come along with me and let’s give each other the support we both deserve and need!