happy cows & sunshine on a weekend.

What an amazing weekend! After quite a few busy weekends behind us, Chris and I were ready to enjoy some time together just doing what we love to do…eating, sleeping, eating, driving, playing….you get the picture. On Saturday we took a drive out Stony Point Rd. (which runs parallel to HWY 101 from Santa Rosa down to Petaluma) and I ended up pulling over to take some pictures of these awesome cows. I was hoping to get close enough to snap a couple close-up shots, but once I reached the fence, the cows did something I’ve never seen before…they RAN TOWARDS ME! I definitely freaked out at little (Ha! a little), but I soon realized that all they wanted was to see what I was all about! I was surrounded by roughly 40 cows and was quite intimidated to be standing so close to them {seriously though, I thought they were going to maul over the fence when they ran towards me}, but nonetheless, I managed to capture a few photos of their adorable mooing faces.

I might add, the hills are SO GREEN and lush right now! I love spring so much, not only for the gorgeous flowers and buzzing bees, but also because…(drumroll please)…my 25th birthday is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! But really, look at those incredible, rolling green hills!

After my near-death encounter with the happy cows of California, we made our way home and spent the rest of the day playing {a ton of} table-tennis, running around with the boys, and laying in the sunshine. It. Was. Glorious.

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?