honeymoon pt. 1 {first stop, Jamaica!}

I recently returned from an incredible honeymoon with my husband. I say “incredible” because every time we’ve told someone about what we did on our honeymoon {or while we were there, what we were doing} people were genuinely amazed that my husband and I were traveling all over the east coast for 2 weeks together. I guess people usually take a week or so and travel just to one destination, but my hubby and I put together a fantastic 16 day honeymoon all over the east coast and Caribbean! Our first stop was Jamaica; if you aren’t familiar with how our Jamaica trip came to be, you can read the really cool story here. 

Jamaica was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been. The pictures below are honestly just a few of about 300+, but you get the gist of everything we saw. Our first night there, it rained poured for 5+ hours and during that time, there was thunder and lightening going off about every 5-15 seconds. It was INTENSE. I have never seen a storm like that before in my life. Sadly, there was a young boy killed by a lightening strike that night nearby our resort. It’s crazy how scary those storms can be.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what we experienced in Jamaica for the week that we were there. I’ll be back soon with the pt. 2 & 3 of our honeymoon {Disneyworld & NYC!}