Well, our wedding is officially 75 days away and we have checked 1 very important thing off the to-do list; the honeymoon!

A few of you already know this, but C and I recently won a really awesome trip through theknot.com. And by trip, I actually mean those meaningless vacation contests you enter while simultaneously thinking to yourself, “why am I wasting my time on this…no one ever wins any of these things”. Wrong - people do actually win them, and C and I are living proof of this! I entered a twitter sweepstakes back in Oct. 2009, through theknot.com, to win a 4-night all-inclusive honeymoon at a Couples Resort in Jamaica. C and I received an email this past March 2011 notifying us that even though we weren’t the original winners, we were the 2nd winners picked for a contest that we had entered 1 1/2 years prior! Needless to say, we were ecstatic. 

To make a long story short, we decided to push our Europe adventure off by another year, while we save a bit more money for it. As of this last weekend, we have officially booked our new honeymoon in Jamaica and have even given ourselves an extra 2 days in paradise. We’ll be staying at the Couples Resort Tower Isle for 6 glorious nights. All food, premium drinks, and activities are included in our stay…and we can’t freakin’ wait! I mean, look at this place…



After we leave Jamaica, we’ll be flying over to Orlando to spend a day at Disney World before heading up the East Coast on a little road-trip. C and I want to explore the old sea towns of the eastern U.S. on our way up to see NYC. We plan on stopping in Savannah, Virginia Beach, Charleston, and anywhere else we feel like along the way. Our final destination will be NYC for a few days to explore all that the city has to offer. I’ve been to NYC once before, but I was quite a bit younger, so it’ll be a blast to see the city from a different perspective and of course, with my new husband ;)

Do you have any recommendations for activities for us to do in NYC or even on our journey getting there?