In the Quiet

It's been quiet lately. I've been quiet lately. 

Life, itself, has not seemed very quiet, but me...I am quiet.

The inside of my head, however, is not. It seems as though I am constantly thinking about something. Thinking, contemplating, wondering, planning; exercising my mind.

This isn't always a bad thing, but I would enjoy some honest quiet.

I'm dreaming of a place far away from here. Far away from the dreams that haunt me (almost) every night, away from the cars, the traffic, the calendar, the cell phones, the guilt of not calling your friends back, the stress of everyday life, and the time. Most of all the time.

I want to stand still in a field in the middle of nowhere, arms wide open, and let the cool spring breeze wash over me. Let the sun kiss my pale winter cheeks and allow myself to become completely mesmerized by the quiet that surrounds me. Feel the grass tickle my toes and listen to the bees buzzing around their honey hive nearby. I want to smell the sweet nectar in the air and remember what it's like to not have anything to do or anywhere to be.

Today I am dreaming of a place far away from here and that's okay with me.