is it back to the real world already? {warning - picture heavy}

Well, what’dya know…I’m back! I know…you missed me, didn’t you?

Okay, so technically we’ve been back for over a week now, but I really haven’t had the TIME to get back onto my poor neglected blog. Never fear, my friends, a little schedule is being created and I will be back to regular posts soon, I promise!

For the time being, however, I figured I might share a few photos that have been living on my phone {especially because I haven’t even started sorting through our 700+ photos from our honeymoon…more on that later.} If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen a few of these, but some of you don’t…so without further ado, here are some photos from our lovely 2 week honeymoon {where we hopped from Jamaica, to Orlando, and up to NYC} along with some other randoms that I’ve snapped recently. 

I’ll be back soon to tell you all about a HUGE project that I’ve been working on {with my close family} as well as the much anticipated wedding photos from our photographer! Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!

so Jamaica doesn’t have Coke {no, I’m not talking about the white powder!!} - they only sell Pepsi…I know, GROSS! Surprisingly enough, this Ting {similar to Squirt} was always our go-to thirst quencher from the crazy humid days we spent lounging by the beach…and now I wish I had some.

side note: once we made it to Orlando…the weather was NOT happy. basically, it rained poured for the first 3 days we were there…and of course the last day, was perfect. so, we had to be awesome and buy ourselves some incredibly over-priced ponchos…and a golf umbrella. yeah…the rain sucked.

on our honeymoon, one of my life-long dreams finally came true, I got to meet a manatee. I have been obsessed IN LOVE with manatees since before I can remember. this may have been one of my most favorite parts of our trip.

2 of our favorite souvenirs from the trip…Vinylmations!

we got to watch an incredible sunrise over Orlando as we drove to the airport to head to our next destination, NYC. {whoo-hoo! now I have crossed off #19 & #20 from my 25 While I’m 25 list!}

we found the most perfect cafe on the corner of our street in NYC. we stayed in the upper east side, 4 blocks from Central Park…it was the perfect apartment.

and we ate delicious sushi. honestly though…it’s nothing like the west coast ;)

ah yes, it was C’s first time to NYC…so naturally we had to meet one of the most influential women in American history. C nearly fell over when he finally saw just how big she really is.

we walked down to Wall Street and watched/photographed some awesome protesters…it was QUITE an experience.

and of course…on our MUST SEE list…the 30 Rock building in Rockefeller Plaza!

everyday in Jamaica, we took a picture…it’s a pretty cool souvenir.

after being away for 16 days…we were ready to be home with our babies as well as to have a FULL weekend with, what’s that? NO PLANS!

to make our first full weekend back even MORE awesome…we found the most ridiculously gorgeous vintage couch on Craigslist…needless to say, we’re in love.

as well as 3 new {to us} cameras that we found at a few estate sales!

and honestly…these peppers were the most colorful thing in Whole Foods…I just had to take a photo. I love FALL!