last stop...NYC & some Occupy Wall St.!

Hey everyone! I’m back with the remainder of some of our honeymoon pictures. This was our 3rd stop on our adventure {after we left Disney World, we headed to NYC to finish off our trip} and was by far the most exciting! We spent 4 days in lovely New York City and saw every inch of it that we could possibly squeeze in. I didn’t lug my big camera around all that much because it rained A LOT, but fortunately the day we decided to stop by Occupy Wall St., I had it with me. I LOVE shooting this type of scene. It was fascinating to watch all of the people protesting for whatever view-point they had…and trust me, there were people of all ages, races, sizes, and occupations…it was mind-blowing! Chris and I spent quite a bit of time walking around and just people watching. 

{note: I personally choose to not voice my opinion about the Occupy Wall St. protests on this blog; I just think politics are better left for face-to-face conversation.}

While we were in NYC, we stayed in the Upper East Side in an apartment we found on…if you haven’t heard of it, you should SERIOUSLY check it out…it’s really the only way that C and I like to travel. It saves you money, you get the pick of what necessities you require, and best of all you get to immerse yourself within the culture around you, rather than stay in a stuffy hotel with a bunch of other tourists. Honestly, it’s so worth it! C and I have traveled through Home Away MANY times…and we absolutely LOVE it. 

{all opinions expressed above are solely my own.}

Hope you enjoy the rest of some of our honeymoon photos. And most of all, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. Cheers!

{at my one of my favorite spots…Rockefeller Plaza.}