Sebastopol Backyard Wedding // Sophia + Maxime

A cozy, summer, backyard wedding in July is a perfect way to bring two families together. Sophia and Maxime met when she was living/working abroad in Paris and now, a handful of years later, here they are - married! Maxime's family and friends traveled from Europe to gather with Sophia's family and friends in her aunt's backyard in Sebastopol. They were married under the oak trees and ate wood fired pizza under the sunset sky. They later moved into a huge tent and danced the night away. Sophia and her dad even surprised all of their guests with the BEST choreographed dance I have ever seen. Some of Max's friends even gave Sophia a surprise when they made her play a German wedding game for fun! They had several guys (and a girl) sit in a line and she had to go down the line blindfolded to try and feel the hairy leg of her husband. We were shocked when she actually chose Max! It was a wonderful evening full of love and laughter. I am sure these two are going to have so many fun adventures together!