to be in the right place, at the right time.

You know what I love? I love life’s little instances where you realize you are in the exact place you should be, at the exact time you should be there. Where it seems the cosmos have aligned just for you in that exact moment of time. For example, last Friday night, Chris and I were scouring over some racks at a local thrift shop with my brother and his GF, looking hunting for the PERFECT ugly sweater for our trip to Tahoe for NYE this weekend. We’re throwing an ugly sweater party on Friday night as a pre-cursor to our fabulous bash we’re throwing on NYE. Well, in one exact moment, our wedding song came on {the song I walked down the aisle to: Brett Dennen’s “The One Who Loves You The Most” - if you haven’t heard it…go listen to it!} and I found the most PERFECT ornament for our 1st married Christmas together {and it was only $1!} I don’t know what it was - but it was one of those pure moments when you take notice of just how right everything feels in the universe. It was amazing! The four of us had a good laugh at how everything lined up so wonderfully in those 2 minutes of time and here I am, still thinking about that perfect little moment 5 days later.