to be thankful.

On any given day, he is the one person that helps me feel my most powerful self.

He encourages me, he inspires me, he pushes me.

He lifts me up when I have fallen down.

When one of the most important people in my life left, he was there, always.

He’s still there, always.

Smiling, loving with all of his heart. 

He makes it seem so easy sometimes, to just be.

He’s my light in all of the darkness constantly consuming my thoughts.

When I am afraid, he’s there to comfort me.

When I am sad, he’s there to hold me.

And when I’m happy, he’s there with a smile on his face.

He says he doesn’t want me to get lost.

I know he’s right. I don’t want to be lost.

Lost in the dark crevasses of my thoughts, yearning to be free.

Free from the sadness, from the anger, from the ever-consuming depression that strikes me at the worst times.

I want to be free.

I will be free. 

One day at a time, I am slowing cutting every last string holding me back.

Snip, snip, snip.

I am breaking free. 

Tomorrow is always a new day. 

A new day for happiness, for love, and for self-awareness.

I will listen to my heart. And follow wherever it may lead me.

And he’ll be there, always. Listening, guiding, and watching me spread my wings.

He’s my other half, my soul’s true counterpart.

And today, I am most thankful for him.

{I love you Christopher…thank you for always being my rock.}