trimming the fat; how we ditched cable and saved...a butt load

Do you want to know how to save $1400+/year for your household?

You cut off your AT&T U-verse service and stream through Netflix instead!

C and I just made the jump ‘off’ the band-wagon. You see, we are reorganizing our finances and making sure that we are as debt-free as can be before heading into the realm of possibly purchasing a house. We want to be smart about it - so we started looking at where all of our money was going each month. I would be lying if I didn’t say that this whole experience has been a bit…humbling. When we actually paid attention to just how much was going into our “fun” expenses, we realized we were paying a CRAP LOAD of money for cable; cable that we only “sometimes” watched in the evening/night after a long day at work. Cable that we usually only use to watch sports games {the hubby is taking one for the team here!} Then we did a few calculations and we realized that cutting off our U-verse T.V. and land-line {yes we live in a concrete box so AT&T doesn’t deliver great cell service to us} we realized we could be saving enough money to go on a vacation next year!

A whopping $1400+/year! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

It’s been almost an ENTIRE month without cable and let me tell you…I actually don’t miss it AT ALL. I mean, sure there are a few shows that I would like to be able to see live, but all in all, streaming them online is NOT A BIG DEAL. Seriously you guys. It’s not that bad in comparison to flushing a ton of money down the toilet. I have embraced the liberty to watch my shows whenever I have time or “want” to and our bank account is SO MUCH HAPPIER!

Have you made any radical changes for yourself this year yet? Or for your household? How’s it going for you?