A Guide for Your Wedding Day

(of things no one really talks about)

Here’s the deal, weddings are magical. Whether they’re big or small I want to make sure you have all the information you need to have an incredible day.


(aka my favorite time)

Hide all the things and try to minimize the clutter.
People need a lot of things and those things pile up quickly. Make the best use of your space by clearing out unnecessary things that you don’t want to end up in your images. Simple things like, bags, water bottles, trash, etc.

Great window light is key! 
Dimly lit rooms can pose challenges, but if there’s amazing window light - it’s going to photograph beautifully!

Think outside the box for your getting ready space!
Hotel rooms can be kind of blah (depending on the hotel) and they don’t always provide the best light or aesthetic for your getting ready shots. Instead, maybe rent an AirBnB with great natural light and thoughtful interior decor. Also - don’t forget that you’re both equally important! Usually one person gets the prettier space, but you both deserve amazing getting ready shots!

to FIRST LOOK or not

A first look is when you guys get to see each other for the first time in a more private setting before the walk down the aisle. I LOVE THEM, but they’re not totally necessary. It really depends on who you are as a couple and how you envision your moment. They don’t need to be a big Pinterest moments, but rather should be simple and intimate. Here’s why I love them:

It calms the nerves!

It gives you time to take it all in and be together just the two of you.

It makes the timeline easier to work with.

If you’ve always dreamed of the walk down the aisle as the first glimpse of each other, then we will totally do that. It’s your day! I just want you both to know why people often choose to do this!



I LOVE PORTRAITS RIGHT AFTER YOUR CEREMONY. Why? Because the pressure is off and you’re ecstatic, giddy, in love, and ready to party! I’ve gotten some truly incredible, most genuine, joyful expressions at this time. This is what your day is all about! 

SUNSET OR GOLDEN HOUR PHOTOS ARE THE BEE’S KNEES. Why? Because this is when we’ll get the BEST light of the entire day. Just before sunset we’ll get some amazing golden light and right after the sun drops we’ll score some gorgeous twilight tones that are absolutely amazing to photograph in!

If your ceremony is later in the day, closer to sunset, we can merge these two portrait times into one session for about 20-30 minutes. I know it can be difficult to leave your guests to mingle for this time, but I promise you the photos we capture during this time will be your favorite from the entire day. 



The most ideal time for family and bridal party portraits is before the ceremony. Everyone is fresh and ready to go and no one will miss any cocktail hour or reception time if we squeeze it all in before hand. This can be knocked out when we do a First Look, but just remember it’s completely up to you guys!

It’s totally possible to do them after the ceremony, but gathering everyone once they’ve gone to cocktail hour (and started drinking) can be challenging and time consuming. However, if you prepare your family/friends prior to the wedding day for what’s expected of them and where to be when, then we can knock it out no problem. 

If we’re taking a handful of shots (parents, immediate family, bridal party) then about 20-30 minutes is plenty of time (depending on the size of your family). We’ll work together on a family portrait list that I’ll have with me to make sure I check off every group you want photos with. 


It’s all about the lightUn

Ceremonies outside are my absolute favorite! For outdoor ceremonies, figuring out the light and angle of the sun is the most important factor in creating beautiful images!

Spotty or harsh and uneven sunlight are not easy to shoot, nor do they create soft beautiful images, so if you’re having your ceremony close to midday, try to backlight yourselves as much as possible. This means trying to set up the ceremony so that the sun is behind you guys.

Planning your ceremony closer to sunset is best. It makes for gentler light and softer golden hues. Just make sure to leave enough time for any delays that can come up as well as couple portraits around sunset.

If you’re not sure how things might look, never hesitate to ask me for help! I’m always down to help give some direction on how things will look best for your photos.


Yes - unplugged ceremonies are THE BEST. An unplugged ceremony is when you request that your
guests refrain from taking any photos. It’s an absolute dream come true for me. TIP 

Asking your guests not to use their personal cameras or cell phones during the ceremony allows all of your guests to really be present and take in your entire ceremony without fussing with cell phones and ashes. It’s also a great choice to make so that your other half, waiting for you at the end of the aisle, is able to get a clear shot of your entrance! I’ve seen brides and grooms miss this amazing moment because guests were standing in the aisle trying to get the best shot! 

As you know, capturing the mood of your event is extremely important to me and this is why I don’t use ash for anything other than party and dance- oor time. For a romantic mood, market bistro lights and candles are great choices and if you use enough, they provide great light for photos.
Try to stay away from using only candles, or super dim lighting because this will make focusing extremely tricky for me. If you’re unsure about your setup, just ask me. I’m more than happy to help! 

UPLIGHTING: Uplighting is a trend that I don’t typically love because it can gravely a ect the outcome of your photos. If you have pink/purple uplights, the tones of your images are going to be pink/pur- ple. The same goes for any other colors you choose. It’s de nitely something to think about if you’re going to be having a ceremony and/or reception indoors and people are suggesting uplighting to you. It may look really great in person, but in all honesty, it doesn’t photograph well and there’s not much I can do about it in post-processing. 

DJ LIGHTS: While colored/ ashy lights that your DJ provides might be fun for party time, they can destroy the romantic mood of your rst dance and other special dances. If you’re having colorful lights, I ask that they be turned o for all of your special dances. However, for party time, go crazy with them if you want! 

RECEIVING LINES can be very time consuming, especially for a medium/large wedding. They can also
get very exhausting and take away from the burst of excitement right after your ceremony. However, TIP 

I do love the energy right after you walk down the aisle and your wedding party and/or family walks out and greets you, hugs you, kisses you, etc. Having a few minutes there to laugh and love is great! I do strongly recommend that this not become a 20-40 minute event, but it’s totally up to you and I’ll work around your schedule for however you want to plan the day! 

DINNER: It is ideal for me to be served as soon as dinner begins so that I can eat quickly while your guests are being served/eating. This is so I can be finished in time for any toasts or dances that might happen during or at the end of dinner. The easiest way to do this is for me to be considered a “guest” as opposed to a “vendor.” Some caterers insist on serving the vendors at the end of the meal, so please make sure to speak to your caterer about this so I don’t miss out on anything important! If you have a bu et, I’m happy to go through it and grab my own food as well!